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"Help," Yaebi choked, clawing at the ground as Andr shoved his face into the dirt. His next cries were muffled by the dirt and grit that filled his mouth, but his fear and shock was evident: "Help me! Help!" At first, the two could only stare in horror and shock as Andr tightened her grasp on Yaebi's throat, but when they heard the gasps coming from him as he clawed desperately at her in hopes of tearing her off his back, they snapped out of their stupor and Cupa dove towards the crisis unfolding in front of her, grabbing Andr by her wide, black collar and yanking it hard in eagerness to get her off and make her explain what she was doing. "Andr!" Cupa snapped, surprised by how much effort she was putting in to restrain against the pulls at her collar. Usually Andr would leap up immediately in shock when someone did that to her, but she was acting different tonight. Cupa gave another ferocious tug. "Andr, I don't know what you're up to, but this is insa-aaarghh!"
       Cupa squealed as Andr removed one hand from the folds of Yaebi's neck and ran her sharp fingernails against Cupa's hand. It left slits in the pale skin, drawing blood. Andr tore herself away from Cupa's grasp as soon as she felt her weakened hand loosen its grip on her collar and resumed choking Yaebi's already limp form. He struggled against her but his attempts were futile – Andr seemed desperate to murder him. Sam threw himself at her and landed on her back, wrapping his hands under her arms and fighting against her in desperateness to pull her away from Yaebi's struggling body. Andr hissed aggressively – it was nothing he ever heard from the Ender woman, full of hatred and ferocity that it shocked him for a few precious seconds. Andr took the advantage of those few measly seconds and threw Sam off her back. He landed heavily on the ground where the impact forced the air out of his lungs.
       "Andr, stop!" Cupa shrieked, bewildered and frightened by her friend's new attitude. Andr paid her no mind and pulled Yaebi off the floor while her hands were still clasped firmly around his throat, and shoved him into a tree. He yelped as the rough bark scraped against his skin and the impact of hitting the tree face-first left bruises forming on his flesh. He whimpered but Andr showed no signs of mercy. She did it continuously – yanking him back, pushing him against the tree; yanking him back, pushing him against the tree – each time advancing her strength as she rammed Yaebi's bruised and battered body against the tree bark. Cupa tugged at her sleeve and pleaded desperately with her, but she was silenced when Andr turned to face her, her eyes suddenly glowing a vibrant crimson. Andr hissed and smacked her away with her boot. She smashed into an opposite tree and called out, back bruised horribly at the impact.
       Sam snuck up behind the woman and the writhing young boy and smashed the butt of his sword into the side of her head. Her eyes widened at the pain and immediately her body slackened and her shoulders sagged down. Yaebi's lifeless body flumped to the floor as her hands released its hold on his neck. Andr slumped to her knees and fell to the floor, thumping heavily against the grassy ground, her consciousness wrenched away and replaced by darkness. Sam's raspy breathing accompanied by Cupa's was soon the only thing that filled the quiet forest, save for the muffled calls and voices from the nearby cave. Cupa knelt down beside Yaebi's lifeless form and turned him around. His face was badly bruised and his eyes were gummed shut. The ring of swollen flesh around his neck told them Andr had indeed not spared any mercy for the young boy. Cupa's breathing ceased and her heartbeat accelerated as she pressed her fingers to his neck, feeling for pulse. Precious seconds seemed to tick by as Cupa and Sam desperately searched for signs of life.
C'mon, Cupa pleaded. Please don't be dead. PLEASE don't be dead. We can't take another death
          But her figure calmed and she sighed with relief when she felt his pulse beating against her finger as if telling her that yes, he was fine. She nodded to Sam and he nodded back, calmness washing across his tense features. Cupa propped his limp figure against a tree and the two focused on Andr, a bruise forming at the side of her head when her flesh had an unplanned meeting with Sam's weapon. Cupa shuffled on all fours towards her, turning her over so that her face no longer dug into the dirt. Her eyes were gummed shut and her breathing was steady – save for the bruises and the dirt that smudged her black attire, she just looked like she was just lying there sleeping.
         Sam stood up and walked towards her, sitting down next to her and examining Andr's unconscious form. He frowned visibly. What exactly had happened? Why did Andr attack and threaten to KILL Yaebi? It was hard to believe someone as timid as Andr would suddenly lash out so mercilessly and aggressively, and if Cupa wasn't right here witnessing all he had, then he would assume he had gone completely bonkers and had hallucinated the whole thing. Cupa held Andr by her armpits and propped her against another tree, next to the unconscious Yaebi. Then the two sat in silence as they examined the battered and broken bodies lying in front of them, each in their own silent thoughts.
        Suddenly, the muffled voices behind them became more evident and Callie and Ana burst out through the bushes and into the clearing, beams of light from their individual flashlights illuminating the dark woods. Callie was breathing heavily, but Ana seemed fine and was just wearing a grim expression on her face and a deep frown that she had acquired since her sister's death. Her frown deepened considerably when her eyes met the two bodies slumped against the trees, not unlike cold corpses. Callie's eyes widened at them and she bit her lip so not to scream. Ana walked over to them and her eyes flitted across the two unconscious mobs. Then she turned towards them and asked them the question everyone wished to know: "What exactly happened here?"
"That's what we'd like to know," Cupa said, sighing.
          Sam filled them in on what had happened and soon all of them were leaning over the unconscious Andr, searching for anything gone amiss. There was nothing. Andr looked exactly the same as she did always, and the reason behind her eagerness to murder Yaebi remained a mystery all of them had yet to solve. Callie had bundled Yaebi into her arms and carried him off to the cave to be tended, and as the three figures in the forest not speaking a word, one could hear a pin drop a mile away. Only the occasional rustle of leaves and twigs as a cool night wind swept past sounded in the eerie night. Finally, Ana got to her feet and put her hands on her hips, a pose not unlike her sister's save for the grim expression she kept frozen to her face. "Staying here will answer nothing – we'll just alert wolves. I suggest we head back to the cave."
       Sam pondered over this idea and figured it was a good one, so they gathered the tall, sleeping figure of Andr back to the cave with some effort. Back at the cave, Michelle and Vivian waited quietly for them, eyes panning across the landscape in search for other suspicious characters. Vivian ushered them into the cave and back into the clinic to tend to Andr's injuries and they went without hesitation. Callie was already at the clinic, watching with concern as doctors shuffled about the bruised figure of Yaebi, tucked comfortably in a hospital bed as the doctors loomed over him, examining his injuries and chatting about what type of medication would do the most good for his wounds. She smiled slightly at the sight of them and another doctor ushered Sam and Cupa – the two that were carrying Andr – to a vacant bed at the corner of the room. They set her down there and only had a few moments to tuck her into the white blankets when they were shoved aside and doctors swarmed around her, inspecting her wounds and chatting about the possibility of this and that.
        Vivian walked towards them and smiled sympathetically. "They will be fine – their wounds are not too major. I suggest you have a good night's rest – heaven knows you deserve it." They nodded and wearily returned to their chambers to rest for the night. Sam, unfortunately, was constantly awoken by the sounds of muffled whispers and words exchanged throughout the cave. It seemed Andr's sudden outburst and attempt at homicide was a hot topic here. Unfortunately, as the rule does not permit that he could just lash out and MURDER the noisy bunches, all he could do to silence the voices was stuffing pillows to his ears in hopes for the best.
          "Holy smoke!" Cupa exclaimed the next day when she – literally – barged into Sam's room. "What happened to a good night's sleep!? You look like a panda!" Sam self-consciously rubbed his tired eyes. The chattering had gone all night and showed no signs of stopping. Right now it took all he had not to march to the gossiping girl's room and tear her head off. He drowsily stumbled over to the bathroom attached to his bedroom and splashed his face with water. That made him feel better. Slightly, at least.    
           "What are you doing in my room, Cupa?" he mumbled, splattering his face with more water. He fumbled around and grabbed the hand towel that was hanging beside the sink and scrubbed his face clean. Cupa leaned against his doorframe and frowned visibly, and Sam looked back at her and cocked a quizzical eyebrow. Cupa looked back at him brazenly. It seemed she had business to discuss. "Andr…..she's awake now." Sam jerked upright immediately and suddenly seemed full of energy. "And well…..she asked to see you."
         "Right," Sam replied, and combed down his tangled mop of black hair slightly before grabbing Cupa by the wrist and pulling her with him out the door. "Show me to her room." Cupa nodded and led Sam down the halls already spilling with girls ready for breakfast or hunting for food supply. Finally she pushed open the clinic room door and marched through the empty interior, knocking lightly on the first patient door they came across. The door creaked open and Vivian turned to face them. She nodded at Sam. "She's been expecting you." She creaked open the door wider to let the pair into the small, scruffy hospital room. Andr was awake and her eyes had – thankfully – reverted back to their normal color. But she was just looking down at her scraped hands and didn't even acknowledge their existence when they came in. Sam frowned at that. She expected Andr to be much better and greeting everyone that came to visit her with a coy smile. She was the type to worry for others, and didn't seem to be the type for self-pity. But here she was, staring motionless at her hands as she did and undid them into fists.
       Vivian stood next to Sam and explained: "She's fine now – but she can't look anyone in the eye. Whatever happened in the woods set off her self-control for murdering whoever looks at her in the eye, and right now, if you DO look her in the eyes, then she'll revert back into what she had become in the woods." Vivian sighed but then immediately straightened back her posture. She took a couple of steps back and put her hand on the doorknob. "I'll leave you all alone for now. Be careful with her."
       With that, she opened the door and stepped out, closing it gingerly behind her, leaving the three frozen in their own thoughts in the room. Sam was fumbling awkwardly for a response but fortunately for him, Andr broke the silence: "Hello Sam." Sam flinched slightly at her voice – even as the shy girl Andr was, he had never heard her feel as hopeless and helpless as she sounded now. He glanced at Cupa and realized she too had cringed slightly at the pitiful sound. But Sam could not keep quiet after that. So, rather awkwardly, he uttered the same greeting. Andr tightened her grip on the blankets and Sam could see the first twin trails of tears running down her cheeks. "Yaebi…..they told me….he was alright….but is he really?"
       "Yeah," Sam muttered immediately, without thinking. Cupa kicked him in the shins for sounding so unconvincing and Sam cowered slightly under her intense glare. Yaebi was alright, but yet to wake up from his coma. Being weakened to that level…..he was totally vulnerable to an attack from Herobrine. And none of them could take another death. Andr's grip of the sheets only tightened after his response and tears splattered onto the blankets. "I…I'm sorry," she muttered, her voice already beginning to falter uncontrollably. For that, Sam felt another rough kick at his ankles and he mouthed an "Enough already! I get it!" at Cupa, which didn't seem very happy at him making her best friend cry.   
        "It's okay, Andr! It's okay!" Sam uttered, failing miserably at trying to make things better. Sam expected another kick to be aimed at his shins anytime now. But he continued on nonetheless. He took another cautious step towards Andr, and she gripped the sheets so tightly her knuckles turned white upon his presence. "Yaebi is fine, I swear." Then, he went even further and laid a reassuring hand on her shoulder. Immediately after he did, Andr hissed aggressively and slapped his hand away, hissing fiercely at him: "Don't touch me, you filthy human!" Sam jerked back hastily, his face frozen in shock as Andr's eyes blinked crimson a couple of times before settling back to her normal purple. She sighed and put a hand to her forehead, as if asking it why her mind had to fail her sometimes. Sam looked at her, shocked.
She's really not the same anymore.
        "I…I'm sorry…." She muttered, covering her face with her hands. Soon enough, Sam could hear the soft whimpering of her sobbing, muffled behind her hands. Sam gritted his teeth. Never had he felt so useless, but comforting people when they were crying was never his strong point. Usually when one of the people back at the village cried – usually Jake – Leon or Phedora could easily comfort them, so he never really had the need to do it. (Shepard usually just laughed at people's misery or just walked away from it) But Cupa was already watching him expectantly, already counting on him to comfort her, to say SOMETHING, but nothing came to him. All he could do was watch until Andr finally calmed down and mopped her eyes with her sheets. Sam felt another sharp kick at his legs and this time he acknowledged it.
       "I'm sorry Sam, so sorry," Andr muttered, sniffling as she scrubbed the blankets against her grief-stricken face. When she finally stopped hiccupping, she muttered silently: "It's-it's all because-" she swallowed hard, the words sticking. "it's all because-of my lord."
Sorry for the long wait, but here it is, Chapter 18! If this chapter is a bit crappy, I apologize, but it has been awhile since I last typed out the story.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it! :D

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